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Glorious artwork by AnneBillie who no longer has a tumblr I can link to but I wanted to credit anyway.

I have no idea what this is even for to be honest. (I blame peer pressure for me even being here.)

So you'll probably find this thing a little random. Bear with me...

I'll try and keep them to a minimum but there may be spoilers lurking within. You have been warned.

Fandoms: Too many to list but the main ones right now are Supernatural and Teen Wolf.

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 What would you like to happen during an apocalypse?

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Because I haven’t drawn this yet. lol

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Q: if you could say one thing to your character, what would it be?

Linden: Just ask her out already

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Because of this post.
I’m not usually a big one for fluff, but I have such a weak spot for dachsies, and how could you not want this?


Because of this post.

I’m not usually a big one for fluff, but I have such a weak spot for dachsies, and how could you not want this?

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Stiles and Derek related moments in 3b (Part 1/Part 2)

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"the writers never thought derek would be so popular"


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Dylan O’Brien at wondercon 2014

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Sterek AU - Where Stiles and Derek are serial killers (prequel)

(part 1)

"Derek, don’t you think you’ve had enough? You’ve been stabbed, betrayed, shot, impaled, tortured, dragged through the mud, electrocuted, your entire family was murdered and your uncle is fucking crazy. Plus-"

"…I get it, Stiles. What is your point?"

"Don’t you think it’s about time you get some revenge? The world has fucked you over, I think it’s time to do a little fucking of your own, or well, stabbing, impaling, etc., etc."

"I’m not a killer. You and I both know that." 

"Yeah, but you’re a predator. So, let’s play a game, Derek. Let’s chase some prey. And maybe we can enjoy the meat of our labor.”

"You and me, Derek. Lets make out like lovers do. On a bed of red.”

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Never again, Derek vows as he marches up the street towards Laura’s apartment block. The next time Laura offers to “help” with anything he’s going to run in the opposite direction. Or maybe just lock himself in his appartment until she forgets about it. Point is, if she was trying to convince him that his choice to be firmly single for the last couple years and probably a few into the future is a bad one then she never should have sent him on that blind date.

Ignoring the look of horror he gets from the woman holding the door open for him, he stomps into the building and bypasses the elevator to head for the stairs. When he reaches Laura’s door he doesn’t bother to knock.

“This time I swear to God I will actually follow through with your murder.” Derek says, barging into the apartment and coming to an abrupt stop half way in the door.

There is an obscenely attractive man in Laura’s apartment, Derek’s brain supplies unhelpfully.

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