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There has never been a more powerful regeneration story in all of Doctor Who and, in my opinion, there has never been a greater story in Doctor Who.

A crackling and eventful serial from beginning to end, with loads of interplanetary political intrigue, good production values and incredible acting, it’s just….incredible.

I’ll always love this, I’ll always remember looking at its Wiki file and being wowed by it and being absolutely blown away when I finally saw it. I’ll remember clutching the armchair of my couch as Sharaz Jek’s androids nearly tear The Doctor’s arms off, and the last moments of Episode Three.And Davison. Wow, what a great actor. This was my first story from his era and I bloody love Peter Davison’s Doctor and I love “The Caves of Androzani”. It’s the best.

I love love love this story.  This is my favourite regeneration.

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    Good Gallifrey - this story. I sniffled the first time I saw this. The second time I watched it, I had to leave the...
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    I watched this when it first aired. I knew that Peter Davison was leaving the series, but still, I wept bitter tears at...
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    I love love love this story. This is my favourite regeneration.
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    Hear hear!
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    I absolutely love this serial. But the companion….
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    this is the only davison episode on netflix. it’s my favorite.
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