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Glorious artwork by AnneBillie who no longer has a tumblr I can link to but I wanted to credit anyway.

I have no idea what this is even for to be honest. (I blame peer pressure for me even being here.)

So you'll probably find this thing a little random. Bear with me...

I'll try and keep them to a minimum but there may be spoilers lurking within. You have been warned.

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out of my fandom

she’s still so beautiful and my favorite girl!demon.

i just feel bad bc i know what it’s like to gain weight in a quick amount of time (not that she gained a lot or anything, but even a little is a lot when you’re used to being hollywood!thin.)

she’s absolutely beautiful, and anybody that thinks otherwise is not invited to my birthday party

I noticed that she got chubbier but that lady is still fine as hell okay? I LOVE her face. L-O-V-E. I love her eyebrows and that thing she does with her smirk and how her eyes are all cute and devious at the same time…

And I like that she’s not hollywood thin. I actually really like that.


I already came across it twice, I will not stand for this. Nope.

Yes, she’s gotten some pudge in her cheeks, more than before. But you know what? She’s absolutely adorable, just gorgeous, still.

You know, she reminded me of a vintage pin-up model. Just really natural beauty and sexuality.

So, no, I won’t tolerate that talk, and I will unfollow.

Everyone also has to remember that Rachel’s health has been shit lately.  During filming of season 6 she had such horrific back problems that she could barely walk, and yet she still managed to film.  So what if she gained weight?  She looks amazing and as long as she’s healthy and doing her job the only way she knows how (perfectly) who is anyone to judge?

I had no idea about her health issues and if she’s taking steroids for her back that would explain it.  Although she doesn’t need an excuse.  Who cares if she’s gained a little?  That just makes her human and she looked DAMN fine last night. Especially with her hair all pulled back and that white shirt.  She’s gorgeous and IMO a talented actress and I love her Meg.

So yes, if I see any hate based on her weight you will be unfollowed.  You can dislike Meg as a character and you can dislike Rachels acting choices, but hating on the actress because of her weight? Not cricket.

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