Because All The Cool Kids Are Doing It...

Glorious artwork by AnneBillie who no longer has a tumblr I can link to but I wanted to credit anyway.

I have no idea what this is even for to be honest. (I blame peer pressure for me even being here.)

So you'll probably find this thing a little random. Bear with me...

I'll try and keep them to a minimum but there may be spoilers lurking within. You have been warned.

Fandoms: Too many to list but the main ones right now are Supernatural and Teen Wolf.

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My fic (what little there is) can be found over here.

I feel it only right to tell you I will not be getting rid of missing e. It makes your site 100% better and easier to use, with functionality and usability that should be standard and provided, supported and developed by yourself. 

If you had any sense whatsoever you would have fallen down on your knees grovelling and throwing large bags of cash at Jeremy Cutler, begging him to please come and improve your user experience.

You didn’t, more fool you, and now you have a significant percentage of your user-base telling you to kindly leave them be.  These are our browsers.  We shall do with them what we will.  And this includes using well thought out and impressive add-ons. 

If you just listened to what your users were telling you once in a while, you would not be in this position. 

Ah well.

Kind regards


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